Glovebox Direct is on a mission to evolve how automotive parts are sold online.

Here’s some of the problems with the current automotive parts retail model that we’ve solved

Making it easy to find the part you need

Anne in Stockport had her wing mirror knocked.
On driving all the way to the dealer, she was told it’d be £500 as they insisted on buying & fitting a whole unit.
£55 later she had easily replaced the cover herself with a perfectly fitting original product.

“Photographs are no use, but the diagrams on Glovebox Direct showed me exactly what was needed”.

Anne H.


Buy with confidence - All parts are direct from the manufacturer, fully tested and guaranteed to perform

In Hereford, Blair bought four alloys for his Jimny from eBay.
Unfortunately one was buckled, so he used the seller’s refund to buy a perfect replacement on Glovebox Direct.

“With such good prices, I went on to buy the fifth, so my spare wheel too is now also an alloy”

Blair G.


When James’ brother smashed up his GSX-R750, he had read enough horror stories about poorly fitting aftermarket alternatives to know he only wanted to look for original parts

“With a sports bike you want OEM all the way. You don’t want to take risks. It’s a precision engineered piece of work. I wouldn’t trust something machined by an amateur in their shed”

James G.


Empowering customers to make simple repairs themselves

Louise is a qualified electrician and maintenance engineer, so when a sensor failed, and given the labour rates of her local garage, she saw no reason not to do the job herself.

“Sourcing my part was harder than finding rocking horse poop, until I found Glovebox Direct. Retailers can often be complacent, thinking they have a god-given right to my money when it comes to small fixes. Glovebox has the range and helpful customer service to boot.”

Louise B.


James in London needed new front headlights and wheel bearings for his Ford Fiesta Zetec 2010 which he ordered from eBay. The order was fulfilled from Asia and was significantly cheaper than anything he could find elsewhere. However, once they arrived, they didn’t match the promised spec and James couldn’t fit them to his vehicle. He was faced with returning the parts to the other side of the world and was unable to get a refund.

“I didn’t lose a sizable sum of money, but it was still something. I did lose a lot of time. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't take a gamble on cheap parts. If it looks too good to be true it probably is and the potential cost savings aren’t worth the trouble.”

James T.


We’ve helped hundreds more customers like this, so why not see if we have the part for your car or bike….

There should be more sites like this. I love how friendly and knowledgeable you are

Stuart C.


Superb correspondence and help, will definitely use this site again



Nothing is ever too much trouble and you always get a warm welcome

Shay K.


Amazing service

Alya B.


Very welcoming, and knowledgeable and gives you all of the information that you need. Excellent service. Outstanding customer service. WELL DONE, 5-STARS!

Martin M.


Courteous, concise and informative. Just what you want!

Peter W.