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Land Rover Discovery

  • The Land Rover Discovery is a mid-size luxury SUV. There have been five generations of the vehicle, the first of which was introduced in 1989, the second called the Series II update in 1998, the third generation, titled Discovery 3, launched in 2004 and was marketed in North America as the Land Rover LR3. The fourth in 2009 was the Discovery 4—Land Rover LR4 for North American markets. The fifth generation Discovery was introduced in 2017, and omits the numeric suffix of the previous two versions.The Discovery was initially only available as a three-door version; the five-door body style became available in 1990.
  • It is currently available as a 8-speed ZF automatic in the 3.0L AJ126 V6 Supercharged (petrol) , 3.0L AJD V6 turbodiesel ,2.0L Ingenium turbodiesel , 2.0L Ingenium AJ200 Turbo Benzene , 5.0L AJ-133 Supercharged V8 (SVX)engine types as a 5-door SUV