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Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto is a front-engine, 3/5 door hatchback, with 2WD and 4WD variants, first launched in 1979.

There have been eight generations: first (1979- 1984), second (1984-1988), third (1988-1994), fourth (1994-1998), fifth (1998-2004), sixth (2004-2009), seventh (2009-2014) and eigth (2014 onwards).

The 7th generation and 8th generations are also known as the Mazda Carol, and the Maruti A-Star in India, and share platforms with the Nissan Piso. These generations are a 5-door front-engined hatchback with front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive, available with three engine variants 658 cc K6A I3, 658 cc R06A I3 and 998 cc K10B I3, and as a 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic or CVT automatic.